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Jun. 25th, 2011


No longer here

Just an FYI I am no longer posting here as I have moved on to WordPress and my own domains so if you want to see what I am up to now, you can follow my tech blog here or my personal blog here. Hope to see you there!

Mar. 6th, 2011


LJ iPad app test

Just playing around on LiveJournal's iPad app.

Any of my friends still hanging out here? Don't forget you can always follow me here on my main blog.

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Dec. 11th, 2010


Testing LJ iPhone app

Is this thing still on?

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Mar. 16th, 2010


Judicial bias, let me count the ways!

So yesterday we went to court and FINALLY had our case heard regarding our petition to adopt the foster child we had for 6 months. Now a little background here. The birth parents did NOT want the child back although they agreed to terminate their parental rights only to the opposing party. The county Department of Human Services said more than once that since the other party was of no blood relation and we had the Gaberiel for 6 months we should be able to adopt the child. Then another idiot judge in July ordered the child removed from DHS custody and hence our custody and be placed with the Great-step-half aunt and uncle (what a joke!) and their double wide trailer!

A few facts to keep in mind. We have a 3 BD, 2 BA house (you know the kind that has a foundation to it in the ground), we also have a higher income then the opposing party, we have never been on government assistance like the opposing party has had, and even though we both work Gaberiel would only be in day care a total of 12 hours per week which would be good for his social skills among his peers.

The opposing side attorney, used photos of him taken by the other side at the family visits at DHS (without our knowledge btw) where he had a rash caused by anti-biotics he was on for ear infections (something his siblings also had issues with), he also fell a couple of times in day care because you know, 8 month olds like to start standing up and using things to help them up and sometimes they fall and hit these things. Basically they were trying to imply we weren’t careful enough with him (give me a break!).

Then comes the judgement from the judge! He stated he was impressed with the emotion of the opposing side (excuse me this is a court of law, not a drama play!). He also stated he was impressed that their pastor spoke on their behalf and wondered why we didn’t have our priest there to speak for us (religious bias). Further he stated how he admired that the aunt was a stay at home mom and was able to devote time to her children (sexist) That comment really offended Kristen.

So basically he ruled in favor of the opposing side. Further more he ordered us to pay the guardian ad litem the full $1500 fee (something the adoptive parents usually pay). So not only do we lose the case but we have to pay the guardian ad litem who recommended the other side get to adopt Gaberiel, his extortion fee oh and then the judge adds an extra $500 to his $1000 fee. So this judge just hit us with an extra $500 to pay! Well good luck in getting your blood money from us mr guardian ad litem! I will go to jail before I pay you!

As for the judge, this religious and sexist bigot has no business being on the bench and I hope he will get his own justice soon via the ballot box!

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Mar. 11th, 2010


Tupelo Thursday #1

I’ve been thinking of a third weekly blog to put out and I’ve been wanting to do something more community based. So with that in mind I bring you the first Tupelo Thursday. What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to highlight different people and businesses in the Tupelo area for the local readers as well as the out of towner s thinking about visiting the birthplace of Elvis Presley. So what is going on this week? For today I will start out small and give a review of a new restaurant that opened this week.

Caney Fork restaurant

Kristen and I tried out this new restaurant on Monday. It is taking the place of the former Santa Fe Cattle Co. location and the food and pricing is quite good. They offer sweet corn fritters as a free appetizer and I ordered some fried pickles as another appetizer followed by their Cheeseee burger which comes with American, Swiss, and Cheddar cheese on it. For a drink I had a sweet tea and instead of the usual fries I had the Hushpuppies instead which were quite good as well. The place reminds me of Uncle Bud’s, when Kristen and I lived in Nashville, we would go to Uncle Bud’s a lot. Sadly Uncle Bud’s closed right around the time we moved to Tupelo. The service was great and my glass of sweet tea was never empty. We will be visiting this place again!


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Mar. 10th, 2010


Balanced Life Weekly #6

Greetings all! I am happy to report that I am getting back on the exercise front.


I’ve been out on 2 walks this week and am using my RunKeeper iPhone app to keep track of my progress. Interesting enough I make better progress when I’m NOT walking the dogs. I figured when I’m walking one of them, they might keep me on the go but they like to stop and sniff things and well you can guess what they do next and being a responsible citizen, lets just say I bring plastic bags with me.

The down side is I am battling a cold so I haven’t been walking the last 2 nights but I hope to get back on track tomorrow night. I did see the doctor yesterday and got a shot and some antibiotics so hopefully I can chase this cold away quickly.

Wealthy & Wise

I’ve spent the last week thinking of what I would like in an ideal job. So I have put together a list:

Things I want in my next job.

Weekends off!

Positive atmosphere and in a thriving company

Upward mobility

A job where I’m not saying “oh man it’s Monday”

A place that is exciting to be at and is innovative

That will do it for this weeks BLW, see you all next week!

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Originally published at Tupelo Geek. You can comment here or there.


Mar. 9th, 2010


Tuesday Tech Talk #36

Hello folks and welcome to Triple T #36. Quite a few news items I want to share with you this week so let’s dive right in!

iPad available April 3rd

Get that work overtime in folks to build that iPad fund! It is coming out on April 3rd and pre-orders start on Friday! If you are looking to get an iPad, what features are you looking forward to? I like the eBook reader function of it and how easy it is to access the eBook store from the library. But I also like the ability that iWork will have apps for it via Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. If your not interested in it but would like to see some features added to it and then may get it, what features would those be?

Google Docs for blog posting

So did you know you can use Google Docs to compose and publish to your WordPress based blog? It takes some tweaking but it can be done. The only drawback is the ability to set categories and tags from within Google Docs, for that you will have to do within WordPress. So I guess this means I have a suggestion for Google now. In the meantime I will continue to use MacJournal to write my blog posts.

WordPress blogs get near real-time updates

Speaking of WordPress, they just announced support for PubSubHubbub (PuSH). What does that mean in non-geek terms you may ask? Simply put it now alerts RSS feeds faster meaning they will show up in say Google Reader much faster than before.

Time Warner Cable offering its tubes to AT&T and Verizon

Interesting little article here on TWC teaming up with the telecoms for broadband support.

Apple purging the app store

I’m sure you have heard on how Apple is cutting down on certain questionable apps in the app store. Personally I don’t have a problem with this. A lot of these apps are simply glorified web apps.

This Week’s iPhone/iPod touch apps

Shazam and Shazam EncoreOk this review is for my good friend Mary from Minnesota who asked me about it. Course if you just want to know what that current song playing at the coffee shop is, then the free version of Shazam will do you just fine. But if you want it to be a little more social network friendly then there is the $4.99 version of Shazam Encore (they also offer a (RED) version of the app as well. With that version you can share your tagged results and it integrates with your Last.fm or Pandora apps too when selecting on a tag for the song.

Trip Journal – If you are a world traveler then this app you will love. It allows you to tag locations with photos and notes. They just came out with version 4.0 and for a limited time it is 99 cents instead of the standard $2.99 price.

Buzzie – If you are really getting into Google Buzz then you will be happy to know there is an app for it now at a modest $1.99. It really is a nice interface and I like it better than the desktop version of Buzz actually.

Google Voice – Ok so technically a web app but a darn good one. Google found a way to circumvent the Apple/AT&T gate keeper (yet Skype has an app…figure that one out for me). Basically you can use it to initiate phone calls like you would on the desktop version. Did I mention I no longer have a long distance plan with AT&T on our landline?

That is going to do it for this weeks edition of Tuesday Tech Talk. Feel free to leave comments below or if you want to send some audio feedback, click on the Call Me button to the right (if you are reading this on my website.) and it will call you back to connect you to my voicemail. Have a great week!

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Originally published at Tupelo Geek. You can comment here or there.


Mar. 3rd, 2010


Balanced Life Weekly #5

Hey everybody, sorry for the much delayed BLW. This week I want to talk about careers.


I have come to the conclusion that I don’t enjoy my job much. Granted I am thankful for the job but this is not a career job. So with that in mind I have started to read 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. What is funny is we have had this book on our bookshelf for a long time and I originally got it for Kristen when she was thinking about going into private practice with Speech Therapy or not. Now I find myself reading the book I bought for her. From the introduction of the book, a light bulb went off. I have allowed myself to not try bolder things because of a fear of failure. Well the choices I did make i.e. taking jobs I’m not satisfied with well as Dr. Phil would say, “how’s that working out for you?” I’m ready to try some new bold things without fear of failure because the alternative quite frankly sucks!


I’ve also got quite a bit of motivation from Cliff Ravenscraft and his podcast “Pursuing A Balanced Life” which this post title is inspired from. I also realized that if Cliff can get out and walk the snowy streets of Kentucky, then I have no excuse for walking the clear roads of Mississippi so I am going to do a better job at that as well. So thank you Cliff for giving me a kick in the butt I need to get moving.

That is going to do it for this week. Try to get back on schedule and have another BLW out for next week. If you want to give me some feedback, drop me a comment below or click on the Call Me button to the right and you can leave me some audio feedback.

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Mar. 2nd, 2010


Using Google Voice

This past weekend I decided to shake the dust off Google Voice. I had signed up for an account with them months ago and got an invite but outside of setting up a number, never really did anything with it. All that has changed now. After looking it over and seeing what it can do, I put it to use. I told Kristen about it and we used it to call her sister in the southern half of the state so basically a long distance call. What happens is you insert the number you wish to dial and then select the phone you wish to talk on that you setup on Google Voice. Like so.

At this point you will receive a phone call on that phone, you answer the phone and it will then dial the number you selected. At this point you don’t have to do anything more with the Google Voice webpage. At the end of the call just end the call as you normally would. So why go about this route? Because since your Google number calls you and connects, you are not charged by your phone company for the call. Guess what else, you can call Canada and not be charged for a call either. How about them apples? 
Google Voice is by invite only right now but when it goes public, look out AT&T, FIOS, Verizon, etc. Your long distance plans are toast!

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Tuesday Tech Talk #35

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Triple T. Got a couple of software reviews for you this week among other things so lets get right into it.


I heard about Clipstart through MacBreak daily video-cast, basically it’s a video version of iPhoto. Makes it real easy to tag and title your videos just like in iPhoto with photos. It’s worth checking out. I also came across a bunch of duplicate videos when it scanned my MacBook for them so as a result I freed up some hard drive space.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

So as I mentioned last week I am using as of last Thursday, the new Quicken Essentials for Mac and although I was quite cynical about Intuit with regard to it’s Mac support (or lack there-of), I have to admit this is quite a step up for the program. Of course if you want to do online bill pay you won’t be able to do so with QEM but I do that through my bank anyway so I’m not missing anything there. If you are a user of Mint.com then the interface is going to feel very familiar to you. It has the ability to tag the items in your register with multiple items for example, if you go to a coffee shop you can tag “coffee” or “latte” and you can also tag “Macchiato” as well. I also noticed it has a lot more banks and credit card companies it offers for online connectivity compared to Quicken 2007. They have rebuilt this thing from the ground up and it runs faster. Now one thing to note here, if you used the Quicken widget on dashboard from the 2007 version, not going to work here but I don’t know how many folks still use the dashboard apps. That being said I think it is worth the $69. Also you can find a review from TUAW on it as well.

Google Chrome

Well I finally got tired of Firefox running dog slow so I switched over to Google Chrome and I must say I am impressed with how much faster it is. Just as fast as Safari and it supports extensions like Firefox does but without the hanging and spinning beach ball. Also it has some fancy extensions like Google Voice, Wikipedia, Facebook (update your status and check status updates right from the toolbar), and a Weather Channel showing the weather in your town with temperature. Below is a screenshot of the extensions on mine.


Tune Up for iTunes

Finally yet another program I found out through MacBreak video-cast is Tune Up for iTunes. This plug-in program will clean up your music library say for example you have a CD imported but it is only showing track 1, 2 ,3, etc it will check the song with a database and fill in the information for the song and even the album artwork. It’s pretty snazzy and worth checking out. Will also clean up missepellings of artists in your library for example “Mannheim Steamroller” vs ”Manheim Streamroller”, yes I did that but it corrected it.

Sorry no time for iPhone and iPod touch app reviews this week but hope to have some for next week. See you all next week!

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